Create your own online marketplace and network

ClosedNet is a white-labelled solution that enables you to create a networking and trading platform for you and your customers.

ClosedNet is suitable for all types and sizes of business to business company.

Creating a network for your business has many benefits, differentiating your business from your competitors:

By creating a closed network you’ll allow your customers to:

Click here for more information about how closednet can benefit your business Click here for more information about how closednet can benefit your customers

ClosedNet is a new, online business-to-business platform

ClosedNet is an all-in-one solution for your organisation allowing you to instantly offer a full suite of products to your customers, differentiating yourself from your competitors and adding significant value to your offering.


Your customers will be able to build a 10 page profile for their business adding text, images, videos, events, jobs, services, and much more.


Your new site creates an online marketplace allowing your customers to add their products and services and sell them to visitors to the site.


ClosedNet creates an online network for your customers to communicate, interact and network with each other to discover new opportunities.

A completely white labelled solution

We’ll provide a brand new website but completely rebranded for your company with your own logos, colours and images.

Your new site is then hosted at its own domain name and code snippets can be provided so you can place login, search and registration boxes on your main site.

Your members will then get all the Kodajo features and functions. Read more about them here.

Check out as an example

Build your brand

Your closednet website is fully branded with your logos and colouring and is distinctively part of your offering to customers.

This helps you to build your brand not only with your existing customers, but also with other users of the site that come to search the directories, purchase products/services from the online marketplace, or visit your customers’ profiles.

As your site grows and is indexed by the search engines, the profiles and products/services of your customers will start appearing in search results, increasing visitors to your site and building your brand further.

Advertise your products and services

Your new site comes with a management system that allows you to place adverts around the site.

You can use these spaces to advertise products and services both to your existing customers and any visitor to the website.

You’ll also get control over the home page advert and logout page advert of your new site where you can place larger advertisements.

Network within a network

Your new network is in fact a “network within a network”. This means that the network for your organisation is hosted within a large network, available to all businesses, called Kodajo.

Members of your network will therefore be able to connect, interact and trade with businesses that are members of Kodajo.

Kodajo is host to many of these networks, meaning that your members can interact with businesses within these networks as well (like they would in the real world).

Access new customers

As your customers use your new site, they’ll begin promoting your network to non-members automatically.

As they start interacting with other users, they’ll automatically be promoting your network to non-members, in a subtle but powerful way.

Your network is also advertised and promoted to other members of Kodajo (and other networks) throughout the other sites that we host. Any business can then join your network easily.

Communicate with your customers

ClosedNet creates an environment where you can communicate with your customers. Whether its to update them on news, start an online discussion, tell them about a new product or service you’re offering, new event, or share an interesting website (anything really!).

The platform broadcasts each discussion topic you start to all your customers who can then comment on the news item that you create.

This facilitates discussion not only between you and your customers but also between your customers as well.

Your customers can also repost items of interest (posted by you) to their own connections (not necessarily part of your network) - which will further your reach to the wider Kodajo community.

Sell your products and services through the marketplace

Not only does ClosedNet create a marketplace for your customers to list products and services for sale through your platform, you can also sell your own products and services.

So whilst your customers are using the site, if they see a new product or service advertised by you (in one of their advertising spaces) they’ll be able to purchase that item without leaving the site.

An easy to use management system

Your network comes with a a powerful, but easy-to-use, management system for you to manage your online network and its members.

Here you can manage your own network’s profile and set membership information and fees (if applicable), view and search for individual members, add new members to the network and manage membership applications.

You can also view membership statistics to see how often individual members are logging into their accounts and using the site - and even send reminder emails to those who haven’t logged in for a while.

Pricing & Next Steps

ClosedNet is a free APP on This means that you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

However, if you want a rebranded site for your organisation we do make a small charge for hosting (depending on the number of members that you have).

ClosedNet is host to a range of features for your customers to market, trade and network

Build A Profile

Your customers will be able to build a comprehensive profile of their business, adding and managing all the content themselves. The profile consists of 10 separate pages and has its own web address, picked by your customers (e.g.


Your new platform will allow your customers to connect with each other. Once they’ve connected they’ll be able to communicate, interact, trade and network with each other, discovering new opportunities.

Market Their Business

Content that your customers add to their profiles is automatically included in the site directories. Your platform will consist of 4 separate directories allowing any visitor to search for businesses, services, products, jobs and special offers.


Your site will become host to a marketplace of your customers’ products and services, all of which can be purchased through the site. A secondary trading platform also allows your customers to get quotes for projects and services and view tender requests.

Help your customers to promote their businesses

Your new site will be host to 4 rich directories of content provided by your members.

Visitors to your site will be able to search for businesses, special offers, jobs and also the online marketplace (described in more detail in the next section), all of which are uploaded by your members.

Each of your customers will be able to create a full 10 page profile for their business, adding as much information as they like.

Each business can choose its own unique profile address, e.g.

Host an online marketplace

Your members can list products and services for sale online through the platform, set discounts on those products (only available to other members of their network) and create discount and voucher codes.

The marketplace is searchable by keyword and category and your members (or any visitors) can purchase a basket of goods from different merchants all in one transaction.

Create a secondary trading platform

Members that require a quote for a particular project they are undertaking or service they require can complete a simple form requesting quotations. This request is then matched to other members that can provide quotations.

Another feature provides online feeds from the OJEU and other lower-value government tenders which your members can access online.

We can also accommodate any RSS feeds you want to display to your membership to assist with online trading.

Encourage customer networking

ClosedNet hosts a range of features to help your customers find each other quickly. Once they have found each other they can connect profiles.

Once connected, customers can discuss topics of interest, get help and advice from the network, ask and answer questions, share news and collaborate online.

There’s also an introduction and referral feature allowing members to refer other customers to each other and so form new connections and discover new opportunities.

Pricing & Next Steps

ClosedNet is a free APP on This means that you don’t have to pay anything to use it.

However, if you want a rebranded site for your organisation we do make a small charge for hosting (depending on the number of members that you have).